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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

Ahmed Akram, 2018 J&J Secondee, describes his six-month secondment with AKF Portugal

In 2018, Ahmed Akram, Sales Manager MIS-MECH-Energy, Medical Devices Egypt was selected for a six month Secondment with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) in Portugal working in an advocacy and marketing communications role.

Sabine Scheppe, 2018 J&J Secondee, describes her six-month secondment with the AKF

When Sabine Scheppe from Janssen, Germany heard about the Secondment Program, she knew that this was something she want to do. An opportunity to engage in something totally different, with positive impact on underprivileged children, mothers and families.

Nurse Ephraim Ghithinji on his work in the early stages of life at the Mwik Medipoint Clinic in Kenya

Nurse Ephraim Ghithinji from Mwik Medipoint Clinic in Kenya explains the importance of nutritional support from conception to the first two years of a child’s life in securing a healthy future.

Nurse Ashura Amur on her work in supporting the local community in Zanzibar

Nurse Ashura Amur describes her role in providing medical care to babies, mothers and the wider community at the Sebleni Clinic in Zanzibar.

Supporting J&J OYW scholars through executive coaching

Hear from some of our J&J senior leaders on how they are supporting J&J One Young World Scholars through executive coaching to support them in their work on the front lines of delivering care.

The role of executive coaching in the J&J OYW Program

All J&J OYW scholars receive 1:1 coaching from senior J&J executives to further develop and build their leadership capacity. These sessions explore the key challenges facing the scholars in terms of growing or scaling their organisation, services or products and provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the corporate world to guide the scholars on their leadership journey and to achieve a positive impact to human health. Watch this video to hear more from the coaches.

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