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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health


Building young leadership capacity across the globe to change the trajectory of health for humanity


Think From the Heart, Work from the Mind

By Amal Semaan, Emma Mihevc, Camille Gautier, Mario Gomez Camacho, Saskia Meijer, Lauren Tracogna, Ishita Aggarwal

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What world do you want to leave behind?

By Estefany Mercedes Santos, Julian Pedroza, Nathan Soto, Ashley Whitten, Navina Paul

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Knowledge is Power: Our Top 3 Takeaways from the 2018 One Young World Summit

By Eugénie Verlet, Belen Rodriguez Carballo, Luke Evans, Selma Boersma, Hilda Kwezi, Kevin Vaille, Gillian Gunning

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Empowering young leaders to create a meaningful impact to society

At Johnson & Johnson, we are committed to building leadership capacity in the health and care giving arena and empowering young leaders both within our organization and in the outside world, to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

In 2018, 76 J&J OYW delegates participated in the six month J&J OYW Program and attended the OYW Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands in October. This was our largest J&J OYW delegation to date and included 12 external scholars from the J&J OYW Scholarship Program.

Read our 2018 J&J OYW delegate blogs and learn more about how they are playing their part to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with One Young World (OYW) since 2013

To date, 166 Johnson & Johnson OYW leaders (aged 18-30) from across the globe have participated in the J&J OYW program, providing them with the unique opportunity to learn from inspirational world leaders and to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for some of the world’s most pressing health issues.


aspiring young leaders have taken part in the J&J OYW Scholarship Program 

The Johnson & Johnson One Young World Scholarship Program

The Johnson & Johnson OYW Scholarship Program was launched in 2017 to help build external health leadership capacity to global young leaders working on the front lines of delivering care.

Currently, 20 aspiring young leaders have taken part in the J&J OYW Program developing innovative solutions to solve health challenges for vulnerable populations across the globe.

As well as participating in the six month program, all scholar recipients receive individual coaching by senior Johnson & Johnson executive leaders to further develop their aspirations, strategy and initiatives.

In addition each scholar is buddied with J&J delegates to support them on their journey and advance their plans and programs.


“Scholarships are essential to making each One Young World Summit accessible to the world’s finest young leaders, and not just those of the global north. This is so important to us, not least because these delegates are making an impact in the world’s most vulnerable societies, but because of the invaluable lessons impart to the One Young World delegation as a whole. By supporting delegates to attend One Young World, Johnson & Johnson has made abundantly clear its outstanding commitment to the young doctors, nurses, midwives and caregivers who are leading change for a healthier future the world over.”

Kate Robertson, co-founder One Young World


Our Partnership with One Young World

  • Johnson & Johnson has partnered with One Young World (OYW) since 2013
  • The One Young World partnership is managed by the Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact Team whose purpose is to support and champion the people on the front lines who are at the heart of delivering care.
  • We believe that changing the trajectory of health for humanity requires putting people first so that communities and health systems have the ability to address the health needs of the world’s most vulnerable people.
  • In 2017, the Johnson & Johnson One Young World Scholarship Program was launched offering scholarships to external young leaders working on the front lines of delivering care.
  • To date, 166 J&J OYW young leaders have attended a OYW Summit including 20 aspiring external leaders.
  • In 2018, 76 J&J One Young World delegates participated in the program, the largest delegation to date.