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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health


Empowering people to address the health needs of the most vulnerable populations and help change the trajectory of health for humanity

Connecting, co-creating and sharing skills to empower people to deliver a positive and sustainable impact

At Johnson & Johnson we are building the healthiest communities by empowering our employees around the world to combine their resources and resolve to make a positive and dramatic impact on society and the environment.

Our change maker programs build knowledge and leadership expertise across the career spectrum at Johnson & Johnson. They also support those working on the front lines of care, through our skill sharing and scholarship opportunities. Through collaboration and co-creation, we are developing innovative and much needed solutions that tackle complex health challenges across the Europe, Middle East and Africa and on a global scale; and creating entrepreneurial and authentic leaders to champion positive change both now and for future generations.

Think From the Heart, Work from the Mind

Today we kicked off the third, and unfortunately, last day of the 2018 One Young World Summit in Den Haag. It has been a highly inspiring day full of urgent topics: climate, LGBT+ and human rights, and health. From our buddy team of Johnson & Johnson One Young World delegates, here is our take on the most insightful moments of the day!

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Meeting women where they are: my secondment with hand in hand in Kenya

When you travel around Kenya, you see hard working women everywhere. They work in the fields while taking care of their babies, run their own small businesses, sell their crops along the roadsides, prepare meals for their families and care for their elders.

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How to Coach Young Leaders to a Visibly Healthier World

Two great passion points for me are youth mentorship and eye health. I’m excited to wrap both of these into one as a coach for the Johnson & Johnson One Young Change Maker Program 2018. 

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Sharing employees’ skills and knowledge to strenghten NGO partner organizations

Now in its fifth year of operation, the Secondment Program provides a unique opportunity for J&J employees across EMEA to give back to society by sharing their much-needed knowledge and skills with our NGO partners in long-term secondments, helping to build the NGO’s aspiration, organizational structure and whilst developing their own leadership skills. 

By year-end 2018, 46 J&J employees will have completed a long-term secondment with six NGO partners across 23 countries in the EMEA region.

Dimitri Bois, Johnson & Johnson Consumer France, 2018 Secondment with North Star Alliance, East Africa

Stories Worth Sharing: HIV Peer Educators on Combatting Stigma, Creating Hope, and Inspiring Change

In Mlolongo, Kenya, it’s hard to miss the wine and spirit stores, miraa dens, brothels and strip clubs that line Madharau street, or “malicious” street. Mlolongo is a city located along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, about 20 kilometres from Nairobi. It is an area well-known for sex work and North Star Alliance,a Flagship Partner of the J&J Global Community Impact team in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, alone cares for more than 2,800 sex workers in the area.

As a Johnson & Johnson employee, I have had the opportunity to analyse healthcare systems and address their challenges every day. However, I rediscovered it in a bright new light when I joined the North Star team this past March through the Johnson & Johnson Secondment Programand began collaborating closely with the people at the front lines of care. Walking through Madharau street was not something I envisioned doing when I thought about “being on the front lines of care,” but my Secondment experience has taught me that going the extra mile to reach vulnerable and mobile populations who need care the most is indeed a major component of successful healthcare delivery.

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Empowering young leaders across the globe through the Johnson & Johnson One Young World Program

Watch this video to learn more about how Johnson & Johnson is empowering global young leaders, both within the organization and externally, to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

One Young World Program >

Trust Awards Program

Recognizing the impact made by J&J businesses and employees across EMEA

The Trust Awards were launched in 2014 to recognize and celebrate the work of local Johnson & Johnson businesses and employees who had made a significant difference to peoples‘ lives through local community impact programs or partnerships.

In 2018, five Awards were provided by the Trust with €50,000 in prize money in total reinvested into the winning programs.

The Award Winners were officially announced on our website and on LinkedIn.


I am so inspired by what our local Johnson & Johnson Operating Companies and employees continue to do to support vulnerable groups within their communities and to make a positive impact to people’s lives.

Jane Griffiths, Chair of the Trust Board and Global Head Actelion