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on a positive impact


Felipe Acosta Co-founder Dondoctor, Colombia

Felipe Acosta was born and raised in Colombia. He graduated from business school and complemented his studies with an MBA in Boston, USA.

Felipe has always seen entrepreneurship as a powerful way to solve problems and to generate value to communities and stakeholders. He started his first company in college and while it proved hard, it was also a rewarding experience in both professional and personal terms.

The first company Felipe formed was a restaurant chain in hospitals and clinics. Being in this environment, he began to develop a deep interest in healthcare and frustration with the daily challenges and the need to impact millions of people’s lives.

Through this experience he became involved in the intersection of healthcare and technology and realised its potential to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of the world.

“I want to change the world through entrepreneurship that has high-social impact while at the same time is profitable and sustainable. Taking that in mind, I’m passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology, and how to leverage increasing access to the internet to expand access to healthcare across the world. That is why I cofounded Dondoctor, a health-tech startup that digitizes access to healthcare in Latin America.”

Meet Felipe Acosta, Co-founder – Dondoctor, Colombia

NELSON ARDILA Business Unit Manager

Janssen, Colombia 

“This participation in the OYW as a coach made me realize the huge potential of the new generation of leaders. It is important to keep fostering these connections.  I am sure that they can benefit from our experience and we can learn from their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.”