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on a positive impact


Chelsea VonChaz Founder, #HappyPeriod, USA

Chelsea VonChaz is a stylist turned non-profit CEO who founded her organization, #HappyPeriod, in 2015. #HappyPeriod provides menstrual products to individuals who have low-income and/or may be experiencing homelessness.

After witnessing a homeless woman free-bleeding in Hollywood, CA, Chelsea felt compelled to create a socially-conscious organization that ensures no one goes without menstrual care. Now, she helps to fight the stigma surrounding menstruation. Under Chelsea’s guidance, #HappyPeriod has been praised for its philanthropic efforts by sites like Elite Daily, KCRW and Huffington Post to name a few.

“Presently I am changing the world by running my organization. I’m making the world better for people with periods, one tampon or pad at a time. In the end, I will make a huge change because menstruation won’t be such a taboo. I will make that happen by continuing to push the narrative of period positivity and encouraging girls and women to embrace their periods.”

Meet Chelsea VonChaz, Founder – #HappyPeriod, USA

Neil Wood Project Lead

Financial Systems
J&J Global Community Impact, UK

“I am inspired by what these young people are doing and their vision of making the world a better place. Being asked to use my life experience to help them achieve their goals and provide guidance as they journey forward to create the future is simply a privilege. I also look forward to learning a few things from this new generation.”