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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

Mobile health clinics that aim to deliver preventative health care services to children

The Smile of the Child partnership with Johnson & Johnson companies in Greece and the Trust provides preventative health care services to underprivileged children through the Hippocrates program, which was launched in 2013.

In 2015, the program increased its reach to include communities living in isolated Greek islands who had limited access to health care services as well as expanding its treatment offerings to include vaccinations and fluoridation. These services are delivered through mobile medical clinics that are staffed with volunteer health professionals, social workers and community members.

The program focuses on providing health education to parents and children on disease, treatment and prevention as well as delivering health examinations and basic health treatment. The organisation connects local and state authorities including the ministries of health and education with local doctors, dentists, nurses and volunteers to provide high quality treatment.  

Smile of the Child

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Greece

Greece is going through challenging circumstances with a deep and extended socioeconomic crisis. In 2015 'The Smile of the Child' supported 95,701 children and their families across Greece and we managed to strengthen and expand our services for the benefit of all these children. Today the need for preventive medicine in children is greater than ever. Due to Johnson & Johnson‘s continued support we have been able to examine 15,038 children by performing 24,749 preventive examinations in 10 regions.

Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos, President of The Smile of the Child

Preventing Disease

Working with community-based partners, we are educating communities on how to prevent and reduce the risk of diseases.