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on a positive impact

Yes, We Can!

By Leïla Jenayah, J&J OYW Delegate, Medical Advisor, Janssen, France

As I travelled back to Paris after attending the most inspirational summit I have ever had the chance to attend, the One Young World (OYW) Summit in Bogota, I kept asking myself, “what I am I going to do now?” What actions am I going to take to transform this amazing experience into a tangible project?

Accenture invited the audience to share their commitment to inclusivity during a plenary session.

The Summit gathered together more than 1,300 passionate delegates aged 18-30, who have shown strong leadership in areas ranging from human rights to transparency in business to climate change to peace. The speeches and projects presented were very powerful and inspirational. And as a result, I am sure each member of the audience had the same question running through their mind in the days following the Summit, “what am I going to do now?”

Actually, there’s no right way to answer this question, but the most important thing is to start somewhere! You don’t need to have the perfect idea or a solid business case to transform a thought into an impactful project, just be confident and start somewhere!

And if you don’t know where to start, let your passions guide the way forward! Take time to think about what you’re passionate about, what are the subject areas that inspired you the most? In my case, I was really drawn by two initiatives dedicated to creating more inclusive work spaces. The Summit introduced us to two great examples from brilliant women about how diversity can make the organizations of today stronger and more agile.

Caroline Casey led a discussion on disability and inclusivity.  

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer at Accenture, shared her organization‘s initiative called #InclusionstartswithI that is dedicated to creating and fostering a positive, inclusive work environment. Caroline Casey, a remarkable blind entrepreneur, shared information about #Valuable, a global call to action to more than 500 businesses to put disability on their boardroom agendas at least once before the end of 2018: “There are a billion people in the world that experience disability. If businesses could see the value of those people as consumers, as suppliers and as talent in the community … I think we could go a very long way in eradicating exclusion.”

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, whether it be democracy, corporate business or climate change, start to share your ideas and organize meetings with the right people in your company or community. Soon enough, you may be the next delegate speaker on stage sharing your project in at the OYW Summit! Yes, you can!

I will leave you with a quote from Barack Obama and hope to hear about the wonderful projects of this year’s OYW Ambassadors soon:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

Leïla Jenayah, J&J OYW Delegate, Medical Advisor, Janssen, France


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