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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

North Star Alliance offers primary health care services, HIV testing and health education to hard-to-reach, mobile populations such as truck drivers and sex workers, through their Blue Box Roadside Wellness Centres – strategically situated at major truck stops and border crossings in Africa and housed in easily recognisable blue shipping containers.

Roadside Wellness Centers

Each drop-in centre is run by trained clinical and outreach teams and is supported by an electronic health passport system, which allows clients to access their health records at any centre in the network, as well as keeping track of the spread of disease.

The organization launched its first Roadside Wellness Centre in Malawi in 2005. Since then, it has expanded into East and West Africa, and currently operates 34 Blue Box clinics in 12 African countries.

In 2015, North Star Alliance became a flagship partner of the Trust and continues to be a trusted partner in the Trust Secondment program.

Star Driver Program

In 2014, Thomas Büchel from J&J Consumer in Germany developed the Star Driver Program during his secondment with North Star Alliance; a customer facing initiative designed to strengthen the NGO’s brand and reputation and increase its customer base.

In Sub-Saharan-Africa, transport companies lose many of their long-distance truck drivers through diseases such as HIV. Encouraging more truck drivers to regularly visit North Star’s Roadside Wellness Centres and access basic health care and health education can help to control the spread disease.

The Star Driver program incentivises truck drivers to visit the Roadside Wellness Centres four times a year in return for being rewarded with a Star Driver certificate. This is a document which can greatly boost their job prospects with their employer. Whilst at the clinic, they also receive a health examination to improve safety on the road.

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