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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

The Trust and INSEAD partner to transform health systems.

In challenging economic times – coupled with changing demographics exerting tremendous pressure on existing healthcare systems – finding new business models is vital in order to improve healthcare and patient wellbeing in more productive and cost-effective ways.

These factors are driving healthcare through a transformation, enabled by innovation and new technologies. Fostering innovation and leadership are vital to this transformation.

Through the strategic partnership between the Trust and INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, INSEAD delivers three health leadership programs that are at the forefront of transforming health systems through innovation and leadership. They do this by offering senior managers working in the health care arena the opportunity to transition leadership and management thinking from the business sector into their complex delivery organizations.

1. Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT)

A pioneering program which addresses the practical issues of innovation and change management for senior health care executives in Europe; helping them to re-think the challenges of ageing populations, rising expectations and chronic illness and improve the efficiency of health provision.

Find out more about IHT

2. Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH)

A unique program for senior managers and NGOs in the Middle East and emerging markets who are working in primary care, public health or chronic disease and are faced with the challenge of developing new approaches for better health care service design and delivery in the community setting.

Find out more about STICH

3. Middle East Health Leadership Program (MEHLP)

An executive development program designed to provide executives, policy makers and department heads in the Middle East with techniques and skills to significantly shape leadership and management strategies in order to help health care organizations fulfil their mission.

Find out more about MEHLP

About the Trust’s long-term strategic partnership with INSEAD