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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

Partnerships are core to our 2020 Trust Strategy. Working closely with our trusted partners we are able to deliver an even greater impact in human health across the EMEA region.

Our partnerships are founded on shared goals and vision, and target areas of high unmet need. Together, we explore and activate innovative long-term solutions to improve health and well-being in under-served communities. 

Click on the partnership above to find out more.
  • EMEA Partnerships are community-based partnerships co-funded (50/50) by the Trust and Johnson & Johnson Operating Companies in the EMEA region.

  • All EMEA Partnerships are funded up to three years to ensure a sustainable and measurable impact.

  • Trust funding is awarded through a merit-based review process governed by the Trust Board of Directors

Below you can find a list of some of our EMEA Partnerships that are currently supported by the Trust.
You can also browse through them on the map on our Focus Page.

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Women’s & Children’s Health

$2,1m total budget committed
22,118 Anticipated reach direct beneficiaries
  • 12 Partners:
  • 12 Programs:
  • 11 Countries:

Preventing Disease

$1,24m total budget committed
103,356 Anticipated reach direct beneficiaries
  • 8 Partners:
  • 8 Programs:
  • 6 Countries:

Healthcare Workforce

$1.95m total budget committed
2,788 Anticipated reach direct beneficiaries
  • 7 Partners:
  • 7 Programs:
  • 8 Countries: