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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health

Strategic Innovation for Community Health

Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH) was first launched by the Trust in 2011, in collaboration with INSEAD in Abu Dhabi, to provide a much-needed platform for primary health care professionals to innovate in health delivery and build greater health care capacity.

In 2015 the Trust provided additional funding to expand participant outreach from the Middle East to the whole of the EMEA region, supporting participants with a newly established scholarship program. Also in 2015, the program opened for the first time to NGO applicants, further expanding the Trust’s partnership model.

Benefits of the STICH program

Focussing on the concepts, tools, techniques and strategies to play significant leadership roles in the rapidly changing and extremely challenging world of healthcare. The program enables participants to:

  • Learn to innovate — Improve innovation skills and the ability to maximise the potential of staff.
  • Identify key levers to improve service delivery — Understand the special nature of service delivery and key levers to improve value, quality and delivery of health care.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with patients to achieve healthy changes in behaviour.

Who can apply?

The program is designed for senior managers and NGOs in the Middle East and emerging markets who are working in primary care, public health or chronic disease. It is aimed at people faced with the challenge of developing new approaches for better health care service design and delivery in the community setting.

How to apply

Download and complete the application form and return to INSEAD.

You can learn more about STICH on the INSEAD website.

Read more about the other two INSEAD health leadership programs funded by the Trust:

Middle East Health Leadership Program (MEHLP)
Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT)


STICH 2016, Abu Dhabi

STICH alumni talk about their biggest takeaways from the program.


For me, the greatest learning
has been to sit and engage with
people who are in a health care
space, who understand what the
issues are, operationally, from a
customer perspective, or a patient

Shushenka Mahomed Hoosain


13 - 18 Nov 2017, Nairobi